Image of Chosen Prey


Image of Chosen Prey

Bestseller McCray takes her blistering hot writing style into a new arena with her first romantic thriller. The danger of indoctrination into cults makes a dark and scary backdrop for this electrifying and suspenseful novel. McCray's versatility and talent make her a star in any genre she chooses.

Five years ago, Lyra Collins escaped from a deadly cult run by a fanatic prophet named Neal Barker, who proclaimed she would be his chosen wife and the mother of the new messiah. When P.I. Dare Lancaster turns up on her doorstep, Lyra realizes she hasn't run far enough. After a terrified Lyra attacks Dare with pepper spray, he realizes that something is seriously wrong. Dare was told that Lyra's cousin Neal wanted to get in touch with her, but when a van full of acolytes turn up and try to abduct her, he chooses sides.

Fleeing with Lyra, Dare tries to get them to safety and plan their next move. Unfortunately, Neal's followers are relentless, and his empire is built on drugs and guns. Also, Lyra's mother remains trapped within one of the compounds. Lyra has plenty of guts and nerve -- and she's ready to do what it takes to not have to live in fear. (ST. MARTIN'S, Mar., 328 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith