Image of The Chosen Seed: The Forgotten Gods: Book Three


Image of The Chosen Seed: The Forgotten Gods: Book Three

The bloody and violent conclusion to Pinborough’s Forgotten Gods trilogy, also known as the Dog-Faced Gods series, will absolutely thrill readers. While the first two books were excellently crafted dark urban fantasy, this last entry is a cut above. Several unresolved questions are answered, Cass is driven to the brink, and readers will be left open-mouthed as Pinborough reveals twists and turns that have been building quietly in the shadows since A Matter of Blood. Without spoiling the mystery surrounding Cass, his past and his family, all this reviewer can say is that Pinborough more than does justice to this fabulous series.

Detective Inspector Cass Jones is being framed for murder. While fleeing from the police and facing off against another serial killer, called the Angel of Death, Cass attempts to recover his kidnapped nephew, Luke. As he is haunted by horrifying visions that dip between waking life and nightmares, Cass must also finally confront and end Mr. Bright and the Network. Cass uncovers more strange truths, and he begins to understand just how much is riding on rescuing Luke -— he’ll have to push himself further than ever to untangle and banish all of the ghosts surrounding him. (ACE, Dec., 352 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jessie Potts