Image of The Chosen Sin


Image of The Chosen Sin

Vivid details and imaginative settings make the Chosen world intriguing and almost believable. High-voltage action keeps things moving while the in-depth characters have you rooting for their
success. Light bondage, sex toys, exhibitionism and other minor kinks are on tap -- when you're several hundred years old you need variety to spice things up!

Daria and Alejandro last saw each other years ago, when they had a night of scorching sex. As operatives for separate law enforcement agencies, they are now teamed up to bring down the ancient vampire Sante, who is part of the Chosen.

Daria is willing to risk becoming a succubare in order to make Sante pay for betraying her and murdering her friend and four others. Posing as mates, Daria and Alejandro enter Sante's domed city on a colony planet determined to expose his illicit activities of kidnapping, drug running and trafficking in blood slaves. (Heat, Oct., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan