Passion takes a woman to a new world in this time-travel fantasy. When Christina Beaumont sees a beautiful tapestry in a store window, she has to have it -- she feels it was meant for her. The intricate design features a castle nestled in a forest with two sexy warriors standing before it.

She is then transported to Javara, a world resembling medieval earth. Jarek and Marc, the Brothers of Garen, are the warriors of the tapestry. Women are in short supply in their world, and the tapestry's magical powers draw mates for Javara's men. Christina can choose her mate after each one pleasures her -- or, in three days, she can opt to return home.

Filled with lush details and interesting characters, this is a sexy read with a heroine who's a strong woman with spirit. (dl $5.20)

Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor