Morgan presents readers with a
heart-stirring Christmas treasure. Tried-and-true plot points receive fresh twists, and compelling characters minister grace to the soul. A precious gift for many who battle deep-seated feelings of unworthiness.

After her husband is murdered by travelers they took in for the night, Anna Hannack determines never to trust a stranger again. Then her father-in-law brings a wounded man to their Colorado homestead and Christian charity compels her to provide care. She figures the sooner she gets this attractive man on his feet and out her door, the better.

Wandering Scottish immigrant Ian Sutherland remembers little of the attack that put a bullet in him and nothing about how he wound up in this German household presided over by a beautiful ice maiden. Haunted by his own secret guilt, he is reluctantly intrigued by the widow's fierce hospitality. Their hearts and lives entwine in unexpected ways. Could each be the Christ child's gift to the other? Unless they can surrender their secrets and unbar their guarded hearts, they may never find out.

(Sep., 176 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson