Sarah McDowell and Mary Sutton have been at war for 20 years and neither woman is willing to give an inch in this nearly ridiculous battle of "who got who last." The families of these two former friends are equally affected by this senseless squabble and none more than Noelle McDowell and Thom Sutton.

Noelle and Thom were high school sweethearts. But with their family history, their relationship was kept a secret until they decided to elope. However, a terrible misunderstanding left them both hurt and Noelle left town, crushed and embarrassed.

Now she's come home for the holidays. Running into Thom almost immediately upon her return, Noelle begins to question her resolve. As the two are continuously thrown together, old feelings resurface. After finally discussing what had happened ten years before, the two find again the love they once shared.

Ms. Macomber pens a story that is well balanced with humor and romance. THE CHRISTMAS BASKET is a charming holiday read that will warm your heart. (Oct., 240 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson