CHRISTMAS CONFIDENTIAL (4) by Marilyn Pappano & Linda Conrad: This novel offers two stories about sexy private investigators. In “Holiday Protector” by Pappano, Miri Duncan is free from prison when she runs into Dean Montgomery, the PI who helped put her there. Miri becomes more than the key to closing a case when Dean realizes his heart is on the line. Nonstop action and complex characters make this a good read. In Conrad’s “A Chance Reunion,” PI Gage Chance is shaken when he sees a woman who resembles his dead wife. Constantly on the run, Elana Kelly doesn’t expect to see her husband again. When a bullet grazes her head, Gage can’t let her run unprotected. An intriguing plot and sizzling chemistry will keep readers turning the pages.
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates