Lucy Stone, resident of Tinkers Cove, Maine, always gets together with a number of women to exchange Christmas cookies. This year, the cookie exchange ends tragically when one of the women is murdered shortly after leaving Lucys house.

Lucy is shocked when the philandering husband of another cookie exchanger is arrested for the murder. She intends to stay out of the case, but when the wife of the suspect asks for Lucys help, she begins to investigate and learns that Tinkers Cove has its share of troubles. Soon, Lucys in enough hot water to boil a lobster.

THE CHRISTMAS COOKIE MURDER is an irresistible treat for those of us who love a solid, traditional whodunit. As intriguing as the mystery is, Leslie Meier also paints a realistic picture of small towns and family life, and readers will get equally caught up in Lucys life. (Nov., 256 pp., $20.00)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg