Image of The Christmas Countess


Image of The Christmas Countess

Combining the joy and love inherent
in the holidays with compassion and
forgiveness, Basso delivers a sweet romance about finding unexpected love.

Upon her father's death, Rebecca Tremaine discovers the child she thought was dead is very much alive, adopted by the Earl of Hampton and his wife six years ago. She longs to see her daughter and requests a meeting.

From the moment Lily was placed in his arms, Cameron Sinclair fell in love. With his beloved wife dead, Lily is all he has, and he spoils her horribly. He reluctantly agrees to allow Rebecca to visit for a Christmas fete and is stunned by the gentle, loving woman who lights up his home and heart. Seeing her daughter brings happiness to Rebecca, but Lily's behavior is atrocious; though she realizes she shouldn't become involved, there is no way she can allow her daughter to run amok. As she and Cameron deal with Lily they are drawn together, and Cameron hopes to bring Rebecca into their lives forever. (Zebra, Oct., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin