Image of Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor


Image of Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor

Kleypas can do no wrong. If you want a fantastic read, pick up this poignant, heartbreaking and deeply satisfying book. Kleypas has a knack for making readers cry, laugh and cheer — often within the first couple of pages.

Maggie Collins lost her husband and has vowed never to experience that heartbreak again. She moved to the small town of Friday Harbor and opened a toy store. Then magic happens. Mark Nolan walks through the door with his niece. Everything Maggie once feared is coming true. She’s falling for him and Holly, the beautiful little girl he’s caring for. A self-proclaimed bachelor, Mark’s life changed forever when his sister died and left him in charge of his niece. Since her mother’s death, Holly won’t talk. Until a freckle-faced redhead who believes in magic gets her to open up. Something opens up in him too and now he cannot get Maggie Collins out of his thoughts. It’ll take a Christmas miracle to get them together — and maybe a little magic. (ST MARTIN’S, Nov., 216 pp., $16.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton