Image of A Christmas Garland: A Novel


Image of A Christmas Garland: A Novel

Perry brings us a unique holiday mystery set in India during the mid-19th century. Excellent writing, expert storytelling and great pacing, along with a complex main character, set the stage for a tale that grips you and warms the heart.

Lt. Victor Narraway’s first assignment after he arrives in India is to defend a corporal accused of killing a fellow soldier. This is a challenge for Narraway since the man is presumed guilty and will hang for the crime anyway. His defense is just a formality until Narraway realizes that all is not what it seems. He needs to dig deeper into the case. It takes a little bit of Christmas garland along with some deductions of his own to get to the true story and leave him with a good deal of much-needed hope. (BALLANTINE, Nov., 208 pp., $18.00)
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates