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by Tina Leonard, Anne Stuart, Marion Lennox

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Anthology
Sensuality: HOT

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This trio of interconnected tales is smart, funny and spiced with a hint of intrigue. Each one is unique, but the three fit together beautifully.

In Stuart's "Claus and Effect," Boston cop James Fitzpatrick is accused of murder and complicity in a jewel heist. Desperate, he kidnaps Dr. Ellie Pollard, hoping she has information that will clear him. Ellie doesn't have a clue, but like it or not, she's along for the ride.

In Leonard's "Caught at Christmas," librarian Jean Norville is in Texas to be her best friend Molly's maid of honor. Gunfire erupts before the ceremony, and Jean's taken into protective custody by Molly's brother, ex-Texas Ranger Sam Broadbent. Keeping ahead of the bad guys proves even more difficult for the grumpy bachelor than resisting Jean's charms.

In Lennox's "Candy Canes and Crossfire," attorney Molly Broadbent's wedding plans are abruptly canceled by armed men. Seeking refuge at a home in Australia, she finds Joe Cartland and three orphans in residence. Suddenly, making a Christmas for the kids outweighs Molly's worries -- until her ex comes calling, that is. (HARLEQUIN, Nov., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed By: Catherine Witmer

Publisher: Harlequin

Published: November 2008

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Christmas Getaway

Submitted by Robin in PA on December 16, 2010 - 10:12pm.

This is a unique Christmas anthology where all of the stories are tied together.

"Claus and Effect" by Anne Stuart. James Fitzpatrick is a desperate cop who has been framed for murder and a jewel heist. He kidnaps Dr. Ellie Pollard because he thinks she may have information about that can prove his innocence, and help him with the nasty bullet wound he received earlier in the day. This was the best of the 3 stories. Very funny and entertaining.

"Caught At Christmas" by Tina Leonard. Maid of Honor Jean is deciding how to break the news to the bride that her groom is a no show, when a gun battle breaks out. The bride's brother, Sam, grabs Jean and gets her out of harm's way, knowing that she is the target for the gunmen. This was a cute "on the run" themed story.

"Candy Canes and Crossfire" by Marion Lennox. Molly can't believe her groom is missing and there is gunfire at her wedding. She decides to console herself and take her honeymoon trip to Australia. But when she arrives, she finds the guy that saved her at the wedding, who is looking after his nieces and nephews. This was a good story which tied up the whole diamond heist story, but it dragged in places.

Overall, this book kept me entertained and I would give it a 4 Star rating.