Image of A Christmas Grace: A Novel


Image of A Christmas Grace: A Novel

This lovely Christmas tale, rich with
the textured writing of an expert, has
a tangled mystery, a lonely town and
the hope of redemption. Layers of hope, grief, regret and horror create an almost paranormal effect in this period piece.

With Christmas coming, Emily Radley (the sister-in-law of Inspector Thomas Pitt from Perry's Victorian-era series) is called to the side of her dying aunt in Connemara, on the western coast of Ireland. Of course, Emily can't overlook the quite obvious unease of both her aunt and the local community as storms buffet the area, especially when a shipwreck casts a single survivor onto the beach. The foul weather and the injured man bring back memories of a long-ago murder and the fears of the town that the murderer is still among them. Emily is determined to solve the mystery and set her aunt's mind at rest during her last days. (BALLANTINE, Nov., 208 pp., $18.00)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper