This Regency-set sweet yet sexy Christmas tale of an earl and his soon-to-be countess squires the reader away
to a world of wealth and privilege where passion runs wild beneath many
a perfectly groomed exterior. With no more conflict than what ensemble to wear to which function, Charlotte and Edward's world is made of very strict rules, all of which are forgotten when the bedroom door shuts. Not a tale
for gentle readers, as there are very explicit scenes.

Charlotte and her grandfather take holiday at Farmington Manor, country home of the Earl of Worthington with one intent: to see if she and the earl will suit. And they do when sparks fly between them and passion's flame is lit. But despite Charlotte's insistence that they wed, her intended groom defies everyone, including his father.

When faced with the unthinkable -- poverty, due to his father's mismanagement of the family fortune -- Edward does even worse; he goes to work. Having refused Charlotte and most of his social class' unspoken rules, Edward goes on to become a huge financial success. Years after the rift that drove him from Farmington Manor, he returns for another Christmas holiday, but this time he is the one ready for marriage. Now all that's left is to convince Charlotte to be his bride. (Zebra, Oct., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Anne Black