Determined to be a single mother, an accountant thinks she's prepared for everything, but as she goes into labor three weeks early while her coach is out of town, she grabs the first hand she finds. The ER doctor she's holding on to is known for the many women he dates, and for wanting nothing to do with children. That all changes when he meets mommy and baby. Muriel Jensen will once again charm readers with her sense of humor and her gift of romance in MERRY CHRISTMAS, MOMMY (4.5).

She's answering his ad for a housekeeper, but he thinks she's responding to a personal ad his friends have placed to find him a wife. Meanwhile his five-year-old twins think she's just what they need-a mother. If this couple can stop arguing long enough, everyone might get just what they want. Judy Christenberry has created memorable characters deserving of anything they ask Santa for in WANTED: CHRISTMAS MOMMY (4).

A radio psychologist finds herself caught up in her on-air persona and a call to 1-800-HUSBAND might bring her THE CHRISTMAS HUSBAND (2) she's wanted. A widowed businessman interested in buying the agency decides the best way to find out about it is to pose as one of the husbands. Mary Anne Wilson ends this series with a delightful tale despite some slow pacing.

A contractor has thirty days to restore a beautiful old home and hires a woman to move in and do the decorating that needs to be done. His eight-year-old daughter, who manages to capture her heart, brings memories of the child she was tricked into giving up. Although some might find that this stretches the bounds of coincidence, the antics of an enchanting eight year old will make you smile in IT HAPPENED ONE CHRISTMAS (1) by Jackie Weger.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson