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After traveling for much of her life, Hope O'Hara is ready to settle down. An inheritance from her beloved uncle allows Hope to purchase the ancient Glenbrae House in Scotland. The house will need a lot of work to convert it into a small Inn, and Hope discovers that she may have bitten off more than she can chew. With her money already spent, Hope needs a miracle to make the Inn viable.

The elderly Wishwell sisters decide they must intervene. Their brand of help entails a magic spell that will catapult Ronan MacLeod, former owner of the house, from the time of Edward I to the present.

Ronan has fought many battles in his life, but adapting to life in the modern world may be more than he can handle. At first neither Ronan nor Hope can accept the truth about what has transpired. Each claims ownership of Glenbrae House, but Ronan soon suspects that he is there for a reason, as dark forces start to congregate.

Adrian, the ghost of Draycott Abbey, is also drawn into play when the current Draycott family decides to visit. To Adrian's surprise, Ronan can see and speak with him. It will be up to Adrian to deal with the results of the Wishwell sisters' meddling.

The Draycott saga continues as this time Ms. Skye adds the new element of time travel to her fascinating stories. The CHRISTMAS KNIGHT will make for enchanted reading on a long winter's night. (Oct., 404 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith