A new holiday tale from Macomber has become as much of a tradition as eggnog and mistletoe, and this moving yet also often wildly funny story shows why. It's pure Christmas magic from beginning to end.

While trying to break into the public relations field, Katherine O'Connor is paying her bills by writing other people's Christmas letters. It's sometimes enjoyable, often lucrative and occasionally it takes Katherine's mind off the sorry state of her love life. Then, prominent child psychologist Wynn Jeffries unexpectedly enters her life, and even playing holiday spin doctor can't keep Katherine from falling for him. The author of a parenting book, Wynn is devastatingly attractive, but his philosophy is responsible for turning Katherine's previously angelic twin nieces into holy terrors -- at least in her view. Staying together while disagreeing so strongly on something so fundamental is a challenge, to say the least! (MIRA, Oct., 272 pp., $16.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer