Image of Christmas Magic on the Mountain


Image of Christmas Magic on the Mountain

CHRISTMAS MAGIC ON THE MOUNTAIN (4 1/2) by Melissa McClone: When Sean Hughes picks up hitchhiker Zoe Flynn to give her a ride up the mountain for a day of skiing and ends up inviting her to a family Thanksgiving dinner, he never dreams he¹ll be passing her off as his girlfriend for a few weeks. Former wild child Zoe has been exiled by her politically powerful family after one too many tabloid headlines. When Sean is hospitalized after a fall from the mountain, Zoe is conscripted to be his nurse and she hopes it will prove to her own family that she's grown up. On the other hand, her close confinement with sexy Sean is liable to produce a few new headlines - especially when he finds out who she really is. An inept free-spirit hooks up with a down-to-earth rescue ranger in this sweetly romantic and sexy holiday romance that readers will find the perfect fit for their Christmas stocking reading.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper