This book is a perfect tearjerker, with a cast of characters that will show readers the incredible power of the human sprit. With tragic events that feel real, this story is a terrific read. Keep your tissues handy as you fall into the compelling world created by this standout author!

Mallory wants a normal Christmas, but she doesn’t know exactly what this means. As a child, she was homeless and unable to connect to other people. She decides that moving to Mimosa Lane is her second chance. However, the only person she befriends is her next-door neighbor, seven-year-old Polly. Having recently lost her mother to brain cancer, Polly is broken and knows that Mallory understands her pain. While Mallory may not be ready for Polly or her handsome father, Pete, together the three learn to navigate Christmas and find joy in the season. (MONTLAKE ROMANCE, Oct., dl., $12.95)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak