The approach of Christmas brings joy even in hard times, and Polly MacNamara has faced some very hard times. A shipboard explosion years ago killed her father and crippled her mother and now her brother Stephen is missing at sea, leaving Polly dependent on her salary as a typist to support herself and her mother.

Some ivory combs in a China Town window catch her eye as the perfect Christmas gift for her mother, but when the little lady in the shop gives Polly an ancient coin as her gift, her life begins to change.

James Drayton has noticed the lovely typist in his law firm and seeing her walking in China Town prompts him to offer her a ride in his horseless carriage. His public reputation as a wealthy ladies' man hides the real James, who spends his private life fighting the world's wrongs.

James finds Polly as sweet as she is beautiful and his insulated world begins to open. Polly soon discovers that her wishes are mysteriously coming true, as the old coin glows in her hand. But the wish she is hiding, even from herself, involves James and it may take more than magic to make him believe in love.

This is a charming, pleasant story. Its lovely message of faith and a belief in magic makes for a delightful holiday season read. SWEET (Dec., 315 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce