Image of The Christmas Star


Image of The Christmas Star
From the ashes of war, the desolation of heartache and the pain of lost love rises a faith that transcends decades. Tommy Magli knew the moment he met Susie Howard that she was the girl for him. He'd just lost his mother a few months ago and life was overbearingly bleak. Susie brought the light back with her smile and belief in all that's good. When faced with her disapproving parents, Tommy does the unthinkable and proposes.

Susie never dreamed that she'd meet the love of her life at a fraternity party. She knows that Tommy is her soul mate. She defies her parents by continuing to see him and takes her first step into adulthood when she chooses to marry him and have his children.

Tommy and Susie's love suffers a disastrous blow when he is shipped off to fight in a war that no one believes in. When Susie learns he is missing in action, she refuses to acknowledge that he is dead.

In Ms. Lanigan's 25th novel, she has written a story of courage and love. Her grasp of peace and war during the Vietnam era is fantastic. Her characters are full of heart and, most importantly, are human. I cried at the dramatic ending. This is a must read for all who are nostalgic and believe in miracles. (Dec., 327 pp., $16.95)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith