On a cold, wintry night, Ben OKeefe finds himself dependent upon the kindness of strangerseven if that stranger is carrying a gun, in CHRISTMAS VOWS $5.00 EXTRA (4). But he has no other choice. Trying desperately to get to his mothers place to provide a decent Christmas for his motherless children, he finds himself at the mercy of his car which is being less than cooperative. So, pulling in to the Marrying Parlor, the home of Henrietta Humblesmith, Bens about to find a new meaning to the holiday season and a message to ease his pain. Between good food, good conversation and a town full of good folk, Ben and his children find they are blessed. Lori Copeland spins a capricious tale guaranteed to lighten your heart in this short novella as warm as a roaring holiday fire. (Oct., 120 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston