Image of A Christmas Waltz (Zebra Historical Romance)


Image of A Christmas Waltz (Zebra Historical Romance)

The next in Goodger’s Christmas series is a touching, compassionate, passion-filled romance peopled with complex characters. The deeply emotional story is sure to win readers’ hearts.

Upon her arrival in Texas, Lady Amelia Wellesley fears she has made a mistake. It’s nothing like her charming fiancé, Wild West show performer Carson Kitteridge, described. Amelia soon discovers he lied about a lot of things, and not marrying her tops the list. Carson’s older brother, Dr. Boone Kitteridge comes to her aid. He’s not the sweet-talking Carson, but serious and kind. Boone offers to marry Amelia to save her reputation; even though she doesn’t love him; he has fallen in love with her. Amelia agrees and they return to England. Boone takes over as the village doctor and Amelia settles into her role as wife. But doubts threaten the fragility of the marriage before they discover the true gift of the season. (ZEBRA, Oct., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond