When Sherlock Holmes went over the falls with Moriarty he disappeared from the public eye for three years. Until now it was not known where he was or what he was doing but fortunately Dr. Watson is now able to tell all.

When Holmes and Moriarty had their famous meeting, another person was there: the brilliant, lovely, and unconventional Elizabeth Sigerson. Holmes and Sigerson kept out of sight during those years in hopes of exposing Moriarty once and for all.

But, danger had followed Holmes and Elizabeth and their goal was not met. An unforeseen, but happy complication arises from their sojourn as the pair discover romantic feelings for each other.

Back in London they are again pursued, this time by the evil Colonel Moran, the chief lieutenant of the nefarious Moriarty. Holmes does his best to outwit Moran and get to the evil Moriarty but in doing so, he puts Elizabeths life in danger.

Cooper-Posey does a masterful job of recreating the style of Doyle in this vivid, exciting tale. If you enjoy Dianne Days Fremont Jones stories, youre going to love the adventures of Elizabeth Sigersonoh yes, and of Sherlock Holmes as well! (On-sale Feb., 325 pp., $16.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg