Poppy Fraser had it all until hubby Duncan decides he wants to serve God. Riddled with guilt over her past, Poppy struggles to find some semblance of peace. But as a pastors wife, its difficult. As the whole town gets heated up over a frivolous matter, a sudden, unexpected tragedy hits. One by one the CHURCH LADIES (4) pull together to pray. But will Gods grace be sufficient? Poppy Fraser is as honest as the day is long and her thoughts, though not always righteous, could be any womans thoughts. She doesnt hide behind her salvation and while her rectitude may be tarnished, shes not willing to give up yet. Lisa Samson captures the internal struggle, the outward appearance, and the dynamics of Christian life in CHURCH LADIES, with her gritty, wonderfully truthful prose. Youll run a gamut of emotions, and probably be shocked, so dont expect a comfortable ride. But like the giant roller coaster at the fair, youll be sorry when its over.

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston and Roberta Blair