Image of Cider Brook (A Swift River Valley Novel)


Image of Cider Brook (A Swift River Valley Novel)

Neggers returns to the bucolic but full-of-secrets Knights Bridge for another superb mystery with romance. Her eloquent narrative rings with arcane facts and her people, places and things are colorfully and expertly rendered in this compelling work of fiction. The story’s multifaceted, resourceful couple might seem paradoxical yet are a perfect match. This novel stands well alone.

Samantha Bennett’s back in Knights Bridge to search for an obscure 18th-century pirate treasure and atone for her last visit when she’s literally swept off her feet by a handsome firefighter with distrust and recognition in his beautiful blue eyes. Justin Sloan remembers the woman he’s just saved from the fire in his mill at Cider Brook from her last ill-fated visit. He’s suspicious of her and her cockamamie pirate tale, but now he’s willing to listen to the sexy lady’s story. Opposites might attract, but can her wanderlust and his steadfastness equal everlasting love? (MIRA, Feb., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt