Image of A Cinderella Affair (Kimani Romance)


Image of A Cinderella Affair (Kimani Romance)
If hero Adam Donovan was for sale, every woman in world would be lined up to buy him! A.C. Arthur does a wonderful job portraying this multifaceted character in A Cinderella Affair (4.5), an intense romance with a very well-developed story. Camille Davis is a voluptuous woman who believes she's heavy due to her jealous stepmother's constant berating. When her father dies she tries to hold on to the last piece she has of him, her childhood home. Businessman Adam acquires properties, restores them and sells them at a profit, and Camille comes up with a plan that allows her to work closely with Adam. As Adam and Camille draw closer together his protective gene kicks into high gear, and he does all in his power to safeguard her.
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Debbie R. Sims