Image of Cinderella And The Sheikh


Image of Cinderella And The Sheikh

CINDERELLA AND THE SHEIKH (4.5) by Natasha Oakley Getting a documentary about her great-great-grandmother's life made is almost as important to Polly Anderson as hanging on to her stepfather's ancestral home, and Sheikh Rashid Al Baha knows it. A breeder of fine horses, Rashid allows Polly and her crew into his country to ascertain her culpability in a bad deal he made with her stepbrother. He never expects to discover she's innocent -- or to fall in love. Polly's sweet and vulnerable, and Rashid dreads telling her the truth -- he's sure it will mean the end of their affair. Oakley begins her Brides of Amrah Kingdom duet with a well-told story. The exotic setting -- and Rashid -- add a dash of mystery and glamour.

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer