Since she was a teenager, Darby Landon has stayed far away from Washington, D.C., and her domineering father. Darby escaped to her grandfather's ranch in Montana, but a phone call from her baby sister, Pepper, drags Darby into her worst nightmare—the D.C. social scene.

Pepper needs Darby to squire around town one of their dad's star clients. Knowing Darby hasn't bothered with clothes or social niceties since she fled to Montana, Pepper sets her up with a makeover at Glass Slipper Inc. Shane Morgan has also done his best to stay far from D.C. and his grandmother's clutches. But as the heir to the Morgan fortune, he must return following her death.

At the airport, he spies Darby getting into a Glass Slipper limo and decides to join her. They hit it off immediately, but there's a lot about this little assignment that Pepper forgot to mention—things that may get Shane and Darby in over their heads.

This is one funny, sexy and exciting romance. Shane and Darby are a joy together and watching them face their ghosts and the future is great fun. Kauffman has found her niche. (Jan., 398 pp., $11.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith