Modern-minded Charmaine Haley has come home for a visit before returning to Boston to enjoy the single life. But her father has different plans. He wants her to get married and have a child, an heir to his kingdom. He decides to hold a masked ball and to make sure that every eligible man in the county is invited.

Ever since his fathers death Ash Coleman has been practically a slave to his step-mother and selfish step- brothers, running their farm as best he can. He remembers Charmaine and the special bond they shared as children, but he has no hopes of attending the balluntil an old friend arrives.

Nathan, a traveling actor, brings all the magic that Ash needs, and with a wave of his wand and a pair of boots, the stage is set for an unusual twist to the classic rags to riches fairytale.

When her father catches Charmaine and Ash in a compromising situation he forces a shotgun marriage. Though Charmaine is intent upon winning her freedom and an annulment, she never imagines that Ashs passion will ignite her own. Their marriage becomes a heated union.

But their problems are hardly over as a slew of troubles threaten to destroy their happily ever after. Fun, sweet, touching and tender, CINDERFELLA is a joyous read. No western romance fan will be able to miss this charming tale. SENSUAL (Sep. 389 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin