After running from a dangerous past, Rebecca learned civility at the Widow Fitzgeralds home. Now she has taken over the elderly womans sewing business. Having established herself as an upstanding citizen of Leavenworth, Rebecca begins to feel safe from the life she escaped.

That is before Caleb Adams, the richest and most eligible bachelor in town, refuses to pay his exorbitant bill. No matter that he owes plenty for his mistress tawdry choices, Caleb realizes that beneath her prim and proper exterior, Miss Rebecca is more passionate than any woman hes known.

When Calebs adventurous sister arrives unexpectedly and without luggage, he has a good excuse to visit the timid seamstress. His mistress packed off and his sister playing matchmaker, its only a matter of time before Caleb and Rebecca discover their true feelings for each other. But once romance begins, its never easy. The new couple not only have to face the arrival of Rebeccas horrible past, they have to ferret out and destroy a hidden enemy before they can claim their future.

Ms. Betts gives us the tried and true, delivering a solid read with a handful of characters its easy to care for. Their adventures in love make for an enjoyable evening. SENSUAL (Feb., 300 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black