Image of Circle of Blood: A Witch Hunt Novel


Image of Circle of Blood: A Witch Hunt Novel

The third Witch Hunt novel, Circle of Blood, is just as riveting and exciting as the first two. After the fast-paced and scary thrillfest of The Last Grave, it’s hard to imagine where else the overarching story could take readers. But Samantha has grown more willing to use her powers to fight against those who threaten her, which takes the tension up another notch. The characters are easy to identify with, even if the situations they find themselves in are highly unusual. Circle of Blood is a compelling addition to the series. Readers may lose some sleep staying up to finish!

Samantha Ryan has been running from her past her entire life: After escaping the witches’ coven she was born into, she’s worked to keep the nightmares of her childhood firmly behind her. But failing to accept where she’s come from puts Samantha’s new life under threat. Giving in to her anger, she’s more open to using her powers on those who get in her way — like witch Lilith Black. Lilith’s only desire is to make Samantha suffer as much as possible until her final breath. When Samantha travels to New Orleans to face down this powerful enemy, she is stunned to realize that their fates are completely entwined. (SIGNET, Apr., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes