Image of Circle of Danger (Circle Series)


Image of Circle of Danger (Circle Series)

The second of Swafford’s Circle series is just as dark, erotic and dangerous as the first. While new readers may be confused by the sheer amount of secondary characters, the hero and heroine, Marie and Arthur, shine through. The horror they face is overwhelming and the obstacles that they must overcome are unimaginable. However, in the end, the difficulties are well worth the reward. Readers not afraid to look into the gritty underbelly of humanity will find a tale of true redemption.

In this follow-up to Circle to Desire, Arthur Ryker has taken control over The Circle - a covert group of mercenaries - after killing the previous “Master.” He’s also given Marie Beltane, a former sex slave, her freedom and a chance at happiness. But when Marie is sent out on a mission for The Circle and injected with a libido-inducing drug that may prove fatal, Ryker is forced to satisfy Marie’s cravings until his team finds an antidote. Can Marie prove to Ryker that she has feelings beyond those caused by the drugs...or will sex, lies and double crossings prove to be a dangerous mix that will kill the future that is so close at hand? (AVON RED, Jun. 2012, 336 pp, $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne