Swafford has done it again! The third and final installment in this trilogy is action-driven, dangerous and exciting. The sex scenes will make even the most devoted erotica fan’s cheeks turn a shade of crimson. The heroine is strong-minded and tough as nails, but the author makes it apparent that love truly can break down all barriers. This is a riveting story that will compel readers to buy the first two in the series (if they haven’t already).

Head of security for The Circle, Abby Rodriguez learns her family is in danger and embarks on a risky undercover mission. Once she discovers that her ex-fiancé, Rex Drago, will be her partner, she’s less than thrilled to hear they must pose as husband and wife. Rex wants to prove that he’s not to blame for his disappearance before their wedding. Acting as arms dealers may not be so hard, but what will be taxing for them is landing in an intimate situation and following through without failing the assignment. (AVONROMANCE.COM, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi