Shape-shifters, sorceresses and psychic powers abound in this thrill-a-minute tale by Ms. Arthur. Thankfully this is only the first in a series about The Damask Circle, an organization of psychics, witches, and paranormal creatures who hunt down bad things, the creatures that hide in the shadows and kill.

When Jon Barnett first appears to Madeline Smith, she thinks he is a ghost. He insists he isnt, at least not yet, but he is injured and at the bottom of a well across the state. When Jon tells her that her nephew Evan is in danger, and Evan then turns up missing, Maddie accepts that Jon is real and in dire need of her help.

Once he is rescued, Jon insists Maddie return home. He is a member of The Damask Circle and is investigating a number of missing teens. Plagued by visions of her nephew and with psychic abilities she neither wants nor understands, Maddie is not about to leave until she finds out what has happened to Evan. (Aug., 237 pp., $13.00)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley