A phenomenal world-builder in
genres from vampires to historical
mysteries, Hambly is at the top of her game with her second book set in the Yellow City. She never lets go of the gripping tension of the suspenseful
plot as she brings the world and the people in it to life. The backstory is superbly woven, with each piece appearing as you need it. All the
principal characters weave a piece
into the tightening puzzle as they
race against time toward the exciting conclusion. The reader feels as if she
is right there in the midst of the action. Definitely a "can't put it down, where
is the next one" read.

The world of the Yellow City is in turmoil. Males, including the Sun Mages, have always dominated, keeping the rain, beasts, disease and magic in order. Then male magic died, leaving only a few women with any power to face the monsters now loose, things bound for so long no one even remembers them. The women have no training. They must discover their strengths and how to use them, even as they try to stay ahead of the changes and dangers.

Raeshaldis, the only Raven Sister with any spell training, must control the magic and save the king, who is being forced to undergo trials that will surely kill him. She must also rescue the king's beloved concubine, another Raven Sister, who is trapped in a coma by an unknown force. This is a paperback release of a Sep. '05 Warner trade. (WARNER, Dec., 544 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan