Long ago, Stephen of Bellingham fell in love with Amarantha of Ullswater, the daughter of one of Henry II's barons. They pledged their love and Stephen vowed that nothing would keep them apart. But he was unable to intervene when she died in a battle to save their home.

In 2003, Stephen Bellingham awakes every morning with a feeling of dread, and only after a psychic gives him the gift of looking into the past does he have the will to live. He waits for the time when he can return to Mara and find a way to change the course of history and hold his beloved in the circle of his embrace.

Time-travel readers are sure to enjoy this spirited, dynamic medieval love story with a twist. To be given a second chance at life and love, to complete a promise made with a whole heart hits on a very basic level. Rosburg deftly evokes such emotions in her readers, so it was easy to forgive the times Mara seemed more like a 21st-century woman than a medieval lady. SENSUAL (Jun., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin