This eighth novel in Chiaverini's series focuses on the quilting camps of Pennsylvania's Elm Creek Manor. When Elm Creek needs to hire additional instructors, the list of candidates is varied.

Karen, a mother of two young boys, wants to get back into the workforce with her newfound love of quilting. Maggie, a woman who discovered quilting while working at a retirement home, has become something of an authority after publishing a book on the subject. Russ is the rare male quilter, having taken up quilting after the death of his wife. Anna is the head chef at a college and enjoys quilting in addition to her culinary adventures. Gretchen has been a junior partner in a quilting shop owned by Heather, a snotty woman who has made Gretchen feel inferior ever since they were children. The staff at Elm Creek faces a difficult decision.

Chiaverini's Elm Creek novels are an original series and a fabulous addition to the genre. Her latest is a true delight, complete with fascinating characters from all walks of life. Readers will enjoy in this novel and its well-written descriptions of the craft of quilting. (Apr., 320 pp., $23.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick