As Druidism gives way to the new religion, Christianity, a prophesied Druid savior has been sent to live in ancient Ireland by his mother, the Welsh Kings mistress. Madoc is schooled in France and eventually returns home to find the Druids being hunted and chased from their homes by fanatical Christians.

Their leader gives Madoc the funds to build ships so that he can find them a safe haven across the sea, in an uncharted land. Three hundred years before Columbus, Madoc and 200 of his men land on North America, where they find a new people and a new homeland. As Madoc was coming of age to meet his destiny in Europe, in the new world a baby girl has grown into a beautiful and strong woman.

Like Madoc, she was abandoned at birth and found by a woman who saw her as a gift from the gods. Named Cougar, she is Madocs true soulmate, the one destined to help him forge a dynasty and a new tribe in a strange new land.

Based on legend and fact, CIRCLE OF STARS continues the saga begun in Circle of Stones and once again Anna Lee Waldo weaves a magical, mystical tale that explains the connection between the old world and the new, as well as the possible link between the Welsh and a light-haired, blue-eyed tribe of Native America, known as the Madan, who still live in the Dakotas today.

A master of research and an extraordinary storyteller, Ms. Waldo sweeps readers into her exciting epic tale as she presents a new and wondrous world full of danger, excitement and discovery. Waldo also hints that Madocs story is not over! SENSUAL (Sep., 512 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin