THE CIRCLE OF THE SWAN is the first book in the captivating DragonFire series. Morwyn believes she is doomed to a mundane village existence until an Adept kidnaps her for magical training and leaves false evidence that she was murdered. Belwyn, heir to the House of Aderyn, is the accused murderer and his dreams show him killing Morwyn.

Even as Morwyn is swiftly learning magic, Belwyn is slowly dying from his dreams. An Ancient One summons Morwyn to his ddraig lair to offer a solu-tion to Belwyn's enchantment, but the cost will leave Morwyn bereft of her newly acquired magic. Only she can decide the fate of the tormented man she has come to love.

Who hasn't wanted to be considered "special?" Ms. Oliver's characters depict that all too human drive and the resulting struggle to do what is right. (May '01, 379 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper