Image of Circle of Three: A Novel


Image of Circle of Three: A Novel

Carrie Van Allen is burdened with guilt over her husbands death. Carrie and Stephen were arguing when he had his fatal heart attack. Fifteen-year-old Ruth Van Allen is tormented by the belief that she could have saved her father on that fateful night.

Carrie has been a basket case since Stephens death, and financially she needs to get her act together. Her mother Dana has always been a powerhouse of strength. Determined to help her daughter Carrie, Dana pushes both Brian Wright and a position at his alternative school as the solution to all their problems.

However it is Carries first love Jess Deeping who arrives with an unusual form of therapy. Twenty years ago, Eldon Pletcher started his own religion, the Sons of Noah. Eldon is now dying and feels compelled to complete his dream of recreating Noahs Ark. Jess wants to find a way to make his friend Landys fathers dream come true, so they decide to build a scaled-down version of the Ark and use wood replicas of the animals. Carries artistic ability would be a boon and surprisingly she finds herself drawn to the project.

The complexities of family, relationships and life are wonderfully examined and exposed in Patricia Gaffneys new release CIRCLE OF THREE. Ms. Gaffney has a true gift for looking into the hearts of women. (Jun., 421 pp., $24.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith