Dull is the kindest word that can be used to describe Claire Montroses life. At age 35 she is in a dead-end job inspecting vanity license plates for obscenities for the state of Oregon.

When Claire learns that her late Aunt Cady has named her sole heir, all she can think is that now she has to sort through a trailer full of trash. Then she discovers the small suitcase under the bed containing a stunning oil painting. Claire has the painting appraised at a leading NYC auction house. Here she meets Troy Nowell, who insists the painting is a fake, while at the Met she meets charming Dante Bonner, who claims the painting is a masterwork.

Confused, Claire returns to Portland to discover her home trashed, her roommate vanished, and a warrant out for her arrest for murder. She then discovers that Troy and Dante are both in Portland as well. Though she trusts no one at this point, Claire is nonetheless off on the most dangerous, romantic adventure of a lifetime.

CIRCLES OF CONFUSION is tremendous fun, the most adventurous, humorous, and romantic novel since Dame Agatha gave us The Man in the Brown Suit. Youll be spellbound by Claires adventures as you also find yourself envying her romantic interludes. Brava, Ms. Henry, and thanks for some highly diverting entertainment! (Jan., 359 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg