Under normal circumstances Cynthia Williams would be ecstatic at the prospect of marrying longtime boyfriend David Daniels. She'd finally be part of a real family. Unfortunately, a proposal under duress isn't what she had in mind when she announces her pregnancy. All of a sudden, brand-new issues begin to surface, and Cynthia begins to question not only David's priorities but why her biological parents gave her up as a child.

Circles of Love is a poignantly sweet romantic tale of two diverse individuals trying to succeed at love. David and Cynthia are charismatic characters whose flaws only add to their overall appeal. Although at times they seem on opposite courses—both personally and professionally—they have an unquestionable devotion to each other. Without a doubt, David and Cynthia are the quintessential romance couple! (Jul., 287 pp, $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton