Image of The City: A Novel


Image of The City: A Novel

When you slip into the world of a Koontz book, you can be certain of several things: The story will be told in a rich and lyrical fashion and the characters will be unforgettable. In his newest release, young Jonah, a budding musical genius, learns that his city is mysterious, beautiful and has an unusual interest in him.

In 1967, 10-year-old Jonah Bledsoe Kirk’s life is forever changed by a series of choices and events. Jonah’s mother Sylvia, a singer, is raising him along with help from her piano-man father Teddy Bledsoe. When he was 8, Jonah had a strange encounter with a woman who claimed to be the City itself and who forewarned him of potential terrible and wonderful events to come. A smart and curious boy, Jonah makes some unusual friends and unfortunately crosses paths with some very dangerous individuals, including his own father. Life is never easy and for Jonah and his City, it can be a time and place where horrible malice collides with courage and honor. (BANTAM, Jul., 416 pp., $28.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith