Image of City of Ash: A Novel


Image of City of Ash: A Novel

A few years ago Chance moved from romance to historical fiction with grace and panache. Her powerfully written feminist novels have strong appeal for both long-time fans and newcomers. Her characters leap from the pages as her dialogue grips readers. The dark and wicked twists plot turns are stellar.

Bohemian heiress Geneva Straford Langley embarrasses her father one time too many when her nude portrait is displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago. She and her husband are banished to rustic Seattle, where word of her escapades have reached the far-off city and she and Nathan are shunned by polite society. Bored, Geneva grabs the opportunity to promote playwright Sebastian DeWitt’s new production. Geneva has no idea that the play has been written for Seattle actress Beatrice Wilkes, Nathan’s latest mistress. Geneva decides she wants a chance to do more than patronize DeWitt and Beatrice sees her role slipping away. Then Seattle burns to the ground and their lives are turned around. Suddenly these two women, once enemies, find a reason to work together on a deadly plan; one that binds them in a most unusual way. (BROADWAY, Jun., 448 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin