Image of Claim of Innocence (An Izzy McNeil Novel)


Image of Claim of Innocence (An Izzy McNeil Novel)

Caldwell combines the best courtroom dramas with the vibe of Sex in the City and creates a fun hybrid. Izzy McNeil’s wit and charm compel the reader and the mystery proves intriguing, though it’s her personal issues that really drive the narrative. Prior knowledge of her previous adventures is not necessary, but will be eagerly sought after finishing.

Izzy McNeil’s client, Valerie Solara, is on trial for poisoning her best friend. The prosecution’s theory is she was in love with her friend’s husband. Valerie declares her innocence and denies any feelings for the man. Izzy has man issues of her own; she has a terrific boyfriend, but her ex-fiancé has popped back into her life and wants to get back together. How can she focus on exonerating her client when her love life is in such turmoil? (MIRA, Sep., 448 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jeff Ayers