Image of Claimed: (Alien Sci-fi Romance) (Brides of the Kindred Book 1)


Image of Claimed: (Alien Sci-fi Romance) (Brides of the Kindred Book 1)

This novella has very unusual pacing for an erotica. During the story, Baird and Olivia become sexually involved slowly which allows their romance to build gradually. Despite the long wait for consummation there are lots of sensual scenes where the hero’s every thought is of pleasuring his woman. Erotica readers looking for non-stop intense physical scenes between the hero and heroine may be a bit disappointed by Baird and Olivia's slow build up, but those who want a unique love story with incredibly sexy bonding moments will be very satisfied with this special story.

Baird, an intergalactic warrior tasked with protecting Earth, has been held hostage by the evil Scourge for the last 6 months. The only thing that got him through the torture was thoughts of his soul mate, human Olivia Waterhouse. Although he has never actually met Olivia, he shares dreams with her. After Baird escapes the enemy, he immediately locates Olivia to initiate the 30 day seduction called “claiming” that will bond the two forever. Strong willed and stubborn, Olivia refuses to give into the mating bond that will force her away from Earth and those she loves. But her heart softens towards Baird almost instantly as everything he does is for her. Can Olivia hold out against the claiming and Baird’s charms or will she be the one doing the claiming of her own? (Smashwords, February 2011, dl. $3.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne