Alexi O'Brien, a sexual harassment lawyer in San Francisco, will stop at nothing to find her missing twin. She gets abducted into a highly sexual world, where she finds herself a little closer to the truth about her sister, but shaken by the sexual power her captor has over her. The shape-shifter Darron ignites her deepest sexual imagination and takes her to heights of pleasure she has never known.

King Darron has chosen Alexi for his mate, but he must convince this spirited, independent woman that she belongs to him—and she must submit to him sexually and learn the ways of pleasure in his world.

KING OF SPADES delivers a highly erotic fantasy that fans of playful dominant/submissive BDSM will enjoy. Readers will also enjoy the forcefully written sex scenes and McCray's strong characters. (dl $5.95)

EDITORS’ NOTE: This review is for the original publication of this title, King of Spades by Cheyenne McCray, published by Ellora's Cave in January 2004. The novel has since been re-released by St. Martin's.

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Whitesel