Image of Claimed By a Scottish Lord


Image of Claimed By a Scottish Lord

Continuing her latest series, Thomas sweeps readers to the wild borderlands where treachery, secrets and passion erupt in a tale that is as typical of the border setting as it is of the genre. Though there are few surprises, Thomas’ keen sense of atmosphere and history will charm readers.

Raised in Hope Abbey as an orphan, at 20 Rose longs to see what is beyond its walls. She thinks she’s found it when she uncovers an ancient a ring that’s rumored to have magical powers. Ruark Kerr returns to the borders to claim his inheritance and to ransom his younger brother from the English warden, Lord Hereford. He will hold the trump card if he can locate Hereford’s missing daughter, Lady Roselyn. A chance meeting with Rose convinces Ruark she is the lady and he takes her captive. As they journey to her father’s holdings, Ruark falls in love with the enemy. Rose hopes the ring will bring her the love of a father she has never known. Love, loyalties, family bonds and deep desires are tested when the lovers reach their goal, but which will win out? (AVON, Jul., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin