Image of Claiming the Forbidden Bride


Image of Claiming the Forbidden Bride

Each new installment in the Regency Silk and Scandal series adds another piece to a complex mystery. Wilson enhances the puzzle with a tale of a love that transcends cultures and gives readers a glimpse into the mind of the elusive Gypsy. Though a bit slow at points the tenderness and sweet romance more than satisfy.

Major Rhys Morgan returns home from the war searching for a way to serve his country. He is on the way to London when he saves a little girl from death. His efforts leave him injured and in turn he is rescued by the child’s mother, a Gypsy healer. Nadja Argentari wants nothing to do with an Englishman, but she’s bound to save Rhys’ life — even against her brother’s decree. As Rhys heals, a powerful attraction grows and when it appears that Nadja is an assassin’s target, Rhys vows to protect her and her family. Love blossoms, though each knows they can never be a part of the other’s world. But their destinies are entwined and the fate of the Gypsy curse hangs in the balance. (HARLEQUIN, Sep., 280 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin